Why Outsourcing Office Space is Beneficial to Business


By going for a co-working space with a company like SpazeClub, the companies have much to gain and they can for sure maximize their revenues while at the same time minimizing the expenditures. There are also opportunities for networking and spotting great talent.

These are some reasons why co-working spaces are beneficial for companies:


Co working spaces such as provided by SpazeClub are great for businesses as all the nitty gritties like maintenance, air conditioning, housekeeping and security are all taken care of and the business can spend its time and resources on its core competencies and maximize its revenue and at the same time saving a lot of money on rentals, facilities and amenities.


The rates and rentals charged by co working spaces like SpazeClub are great and awesome. This is so because the rentals are dirt cheap as compared to other office spaces which have individual occupancy and thus the business can spend more time on its main operations and enhance its business and revenue while not having to look into the minor details like housekeeping and maintenance.


In a co-working space like SpazeClub you get facilities and amenities at dirt cheap rates and thus you save a lot of money and also get top class maintenance and facility management that too at a fraction of the cost.


Co-Working spaces like those provided by SpazeClub are a great place to network and make contacts. You can also spot great talent and give them better opportunities with your company. Thus you can network for success and grow each day with the best manpower and facilities.


The rentals are low in a co-working space and thus the revenue is higher as the extras in a co-working space cost much less than that in an individual business space.


Because there is a momentum and an energy in a co-working spaces as each company tries to outdo the other, there is a sense of positive motivation on the floor and that catches up with the employees and they perform better and enjoy themselves.

Thus it is an excellent idea for small and medium companies to go for office spaces provided by SpazeClub and enhance their operational excellence and at the same time maximizing their profits by concentrating on their core competencies.


SpazeClub is a hybrid between a co-working space and incubator based in Delhi NCR. It is the physical space and conceptual space, and like the notion of the Third Space, it is the transitional space – from what you are doing now to what you could be doing next.

SpazeClub is an environment based on design thinking: the integration of people, technology and business to create new ideas and solve problems. We apply the principles of good design – considered, responsible, intelligent design – to translate initial ideas into something more tangible, leveraging the skill sets and knowledge of our members to mitigate risks from the start.

SpazeClub is a high-calibre network of people who invest in seeing each other succeed. Our members are ambitious, accomplished, experienced and modest and our open-plan layout fuels a culture of collaboration and participation. SpazeClub is proof that productivity is infectious and success breeds success.

For new companies and business people searching for a flexible place to begin their tech business in Delhi-NCR, SpazeClub offers a sustaining, strong group from which to develop.SpazeClub is a network of workspaces allowing New Entrepreneurs and Startups flexible and affordable ways to begin, Manage & Grow their business. We offer a complete solution to start your company in Delhi-NCR by either sponsoring or partnering with you, obtaining a license and all within our furnished offices and facilities on affordable payment terms.