Now Get your Own Working Space at Gurugram with SpazeClub

Co working space

Running a business isn’t an easy task. You need a good team, strong financial backup and more importantly a good space. Employees enjoy working in an organization be it small or large which has a good workspace and spreads out positivity. However, not every entrepreneur, especially in a growing stage can invest largely in the rented space. This is why SpazeClub came into the role. One of the finest hybrid co-working spaces in Delhi NCR, India, SpazeClub is a modern-age working space conceptual idea.

Presently in India, there is a positive air among entrepreneur who wants to expand their business, rather than working from home or any cafe. Renting out space is also quite a budgetary thing because you need to invest in infrastructure and other aspects.

SpazeClub has eliminated this brain drain task with its own co-working space for every entrepreneur.

Different types of workspace offered by SpazeClub-

Different entrepreneurs have different options when it comes to running the business solely. Be it co-working or private space, it completely depends on the business requirement. SpazeClub has options for every type of entrepreneur looking to run a business according to the requirement. There are three different types of spaces offered-

  • Private Space

    If you have sizeable employees and the business requires good space for expansion, the SpazeClub offers Private Spaces. These spaces come with amenities including- cabin, 24*7 security, meeting space, etc. With this private space, you can easily run your business.

  • Customized Office-

    If you want to build your business in a customized space, then Customized office by SpazeClub offers you the chance. You have the freedom to customize the space as per your business and employee needs.

  • Shared Offices-

    Love working with other budding entrepreneurs? Then Shared Office is the option to go with. No cubicle infrastructure, private lockable cabins, corner cabins with natural light, etc. are some features these office spaces carry.

Built for Budding Entrepreneurs-

Since Delhi NCR and Gurugram are witnessing space constraints and high office rentals, SpazeClub with its co-working office space idea is big relaxation. By offering invaluable resources, the mission is to Promote, Provide and Connect for start-ups. This allows entrepreneurs to sustain in this competitive business environment.

4 Things that make SpazeClub a Brilliant Venture-

  1. Environment-

The idea is to create a healthy business environment among different entrepreneurs working under one roof. In short, there is eco-friendly business space.

  1. Fun & Work-

Running a business by working from home or cafe, won’t allow you to have much fun. But with co-working space, you can have fun and work accordingly.

  1. Openness-

With this co-working space, there is complete openness and transparency among entrepreneurs

  1. Build Relationship-

Working along with other entrepreneurs, you can build a strong relationship with them. This will help in the growth of the business.


SpazeClub is a hybrid between a co-working space and incubator based in Delhi NCR. It is the physical space and conceptual space, and like the notion of the Third Space, it is the transitional space – from what you are doing now to what you could be doing next.

SpazeClub is an environment based on design thinking: the integration of people, technology, and business to create new ideas and solve problems. We apply the principles of good design – considered, responsible, intelligent design – to translate initial ideas into something more tangible, leveraging the skill sets and knowledge of our members to mitigate risks from the start.

SpazeClub is high-caliber networks of people who invest in seeing each other succeed. Our members are ambitious, accomplished, experienced, and modest and our open-plan layout fuels a culture of collaboration and participation. SpazeClub is proof that productivity is infectious and success breeds success.

For new companies and business people searching for a flexible place to begin their tech business in Delhi-NCR, SpazeClub offers a sustaining, strong group from which to develop. SpazeClub is a network of workspaces allowing New Entrepreneurs and Startups flexible and affordable ways to begin, Manage & Grow their business. We offer a complete solution to start your company in Delhi-NCR by either sponsoring or partnering with you, obtaining a license and all within our furnished offices and facilities on affordable payment terms.