Interesting Facts you should know about Logistics Industry

Logistics Industry

Logistics and supply management is one of the evolving industries. The cost-effective process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient movement and storage of goods is what logistics business completely belongs too. Globally, the logistics industry is worth of trillion offering millions of employment opportunity. However, there are many facts which an aspirant should know before joining the industry. Institutes like ILAM India offer MBA and Diploma courses in Logistics and supply management where students are prepared well about this evolving industry. During this, students are also presented with some facts that are important to know before entering the industry.

Let us provide you with some interesting facts about the logistics industry you should be aware of-

  1. One of the Biggest Industries-

Logistics is the Biggest Industry in the world with having worth of trillion market share. The sector is made up of six areas- warehouses, storage, sea shipping, road, aviation, and railway. Every other company irrespective of the sector wants to ship its products to the new place and this is when the logistics sector comes to the role. Also, the UK’s road transport industry is the biggest in Europe.

  1. Logistics career will keep providing employment-

Logistics is one such sector which will keep offering jobs in all sections. From theater to restaurant and e-commerce to huge shipment, there is a requirement of people to handle products that need to be stored and transported before they arrive at the shop. One of the interesting facts is the trucking industry is set to grow by 21% in the next 20 years. Moreover, furniture, tech items, and food are three important things shipped continuously.

  1. Different Levels of Apprenticeships-

No matter what age you belong to, if you decide to undertake an apprenticeship, there are a lot of opportunities in the field.

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Higher

These three work level options are common and always require fresh and experienced people to join.

  1. More than 735000 roles available in the transport sector-

In the UK and other countries, the requirement of new entrants is growing, especially in the transport sector. Big companies like FedEx, DHL, Lloyd, Maersk, and others keep hiring new professionals to join the company.

About ILAM India:

Institute of Logistics & Aviation Management, India (ILAM) is the leading institute in India. From MBA to PG Diploma, students are trained under various programs to get into the industry confidently. Being the leading Aviation management and logistics management institute, ILAM India trains students under the global framework and help them in reaching a new height.