How to Determine the Correct Loan Amount to Take From Loan Kumar


You might be eligible for a big loan amount but it is better first to consider some factors before taking a loan. These include your age, your earnings, your credit rating and your repayment capacity. Only after taking into account all these factors should you go for a loan. Loan Kumar is your perfect partner for taking loans and provides personal, home business loans & loan against property in Delhi NCR at very competitive rates of interest also without any against property in delhi ncr, loan kumar

These are some factors you should keep in mind while deciding on the amount of loan you should go for:


Before going for a loan you should first take into account your salary and earnings. This way you will be able to understand how much EMI you can afford and thus be in a better situation while you are trying to take the loan. The best way to decide is to calculate your earnings and see to it that not more than 50 percent is going for the EMI. helps you take personal, business and home loans and is the best financial partner for all your financial needs.


You should be able to afford the loan. Don’t go overboard in taking the loan just because you are eligible for it. Go for it because you need it and can afford it. You should have the repayment capacity for paying back the loan and you should consider factors like job security and any other liabilities before taking a loan from which is the best business and personal loan provider in Delhi NCR.


If you are in your early 30’s then you can take a longer tenure loan but if you are past 50 then you can take only a short tenure loan and the burden of the EMI will be heaver on your shoulder and thus it becomes critical that you take the loan according to your age and the number of working years you have so that you don’t default and don’t have to face the legal consequences.


You should also take into account the amount of interest you are paying. Loan Kumar provides loans at very competitive rates and you can repay them with the help of EMI’s

  • CIBIL Rating

You should also take into account your credit rating and then take a loan which is in sync with your credit rating. This includes the amount of the loan, the tenure, and your repaying capacity and your past loan payment history.

Thus by not getting carried away and not going overboard you can use the loan financial instrument very effectively and enjoy the finances and pay back the loan through EMI’s.