Suicide and Suicidal thoughts

Suicide and Suicidal thoughts

People experiencing suicidal thoughts experience difficulty in describing their internal state. It becomes very challenging to make an assessment.

Dr.Vipul Tyagi says it is important to build a trusting relationship with the patient. It is like a skill of talking to the person about painful emotional states without immediately trying to ‘fix’ them and without giving too many reassurances at first.

Suicidal thoughts are symptoms like any other symptoms. Suicidal thoughts need to be talked about. It doesn’t always mean that the person wants to die.

It mainly refers to the feeling of being out of control and scared. People are not blessed with healthy coping mechanisms which are meant to soothe and reassure.

Some people dealing with suicidal thoughts can be under substances that impulsively react and alter to their thinking. Someone can be a maniac or severely depressed. Either way, it is best to seek help during these times.

To prevent suicides, you must talk about the situation freely. Communication is the key here. Talking about it will take away the burden of try to suppress every inch of negative emotion inside you. You need to let it out. People going through suicidal thoughts often feel lonely and stuck. They need proper attention and care to deal with it.

If you are dealing with a person who is suicidal or is going through suicidal thoughts in their mind, you can show that you care for them by giving them attention and hearing them out.

Help them to break through their bubble of isolation by reaching out to them by acknowledging them and their pain.

Be willing to listen to their problems without judgment.
Reach out for help. A psychiatrist is the best help when it comes to this. Try and find the inner strength and the reason to live. It takes hard work and perseverance but it is worth the try.