Right Diet for Pregnant Women Makes for Healthy Babies


A baby in the womb of a woman depends solely on the mother for its nutrition.  So for its healthy growth. Hence experts including Dr. Garima Tyagi have always recommended that a mother to be should include a variety of foods and beverages in their diet.  This can lead to the proper growth and development of the baby in the womb and will also a foundation for a healthy life for the baby after birth.

Major pregnancy nutrition for the woman during the gestation period includes food rich in calcium, iron, protein, and iron. If the woman cannot include them in the diet she needs to take some supplements. Some of the top gynecologists have the opinion that these key nutrients should never be compromised in the diet of the pregnant woman.

Folate or folic acid is crucial in the development of the fetus as it prevents the birth defects in the brain and spinal cord of the baby. Babies born with these neural birth defects lead a very difficult life. Not every woman can get enough of folate in her diet so a supplement of this is always recommended by doctors and the woman needs to take them without fail so that the daily requirement of the minimum quantity of 400 micrograms of folic acid is met with ease. If this is taken one month prior to becoming pregnant the chance of the healthy growth of the fetus increases. This supplement can be increased to 600 micrograms during pregnancy. Some of the folate-rich foods are greens, bread, roti, legumes or bean, and even citrus fruits.

Calcium is another mineral that is vital for the growth of the baby and the mother. Its proper intake helps develop healthy bones and teeth. If enough supplement or food that is rich in calcium is not consumed, then there is a chance of that this mineral can be drawn from the bones of the mother. This can bring about some health issues for both mother and child. So always intake food items rich in vitamin D like dairy products that include cheese, milk, yogurt and so on, greens, some kind of fish and calcium-fortified food items that will fulfill the need of 1000 to 1300 micrograms of calcium per day.

Iron is another mineral that is really important for a pregnant woman. About 25-27 milligram of iron is recommended by experts from Shree Narayan hospital Ghaziabad for a normal woman but for a pregnant lady, the intake should be doubled. Lack of iron can lead to anemia. This condition brings about fatigue and also increases the risk of contracting infectious diseases. Vitamin C rich diet helps in easy absorption of iron. So always take such food like citrus fruits, amla, greens and so on. foods rich in iron include beans, nuts, whole wheat, brown rice and the like.

A protein-rich diet is a must during pregnancy. So don’t forget to have lean meat, legumes, eggs, nuts, tofu and other food items that fulfill your protein needs. This is a builder nutrient and it will help build the vital organs of the baby.

So during pregnancy, it is important to eat nutritious food items. However, if you always especially before getting pregnant consume food that is nutrient-rich then your pregnancy period will have less of health issues.

So according to Dr Garima Tyagi one of  the top 5 gynecologists in Indirapuram the food you eat should comprise of whole grains, dairy products, right kind of fats, proteins, fruits, vegetables, minerals like iron, calcium, and folate and also vitamins like B, C and D. With this kind of right diet, the baby is sure to grow healthy.